Our why is to encourage and empower early career teachers.

Our how is by connecting early career teachers together and providing bespoke events and support.

Our what is we are a global grassroots network for early career education professionals.

Our History

Early in 2020, a Instagram Chat Group was started with a group of Trainee Teachers all on a undergraduate primary education courses.

Soon after many other trainees including those on postgraduate routes wanted to join. We started our new groups all regionally organised starting with around 430 educators.

We then realised that Instagram was a good way to communicate but we wanted to create a more community feel for all early career teachers not just those who use Instagram. We now have over 400 members across 8 countries, which is continually expanding.

Our Aims

Enable communication and connection between early career teachers across the world enabling everyone to thrive not just survive.

Provide a safe and positive but also an open and honest platform for discussion, based on our members’ interests and current affairs.

Provide events and professional development tailored to our members needs.

Our Values








Our Priorities


Wellbeing and Workload

Professional Relationships and Mentoring

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